Professor gives think-tank lecture

March 19, 2013

David Pickernell, Professor in Economic Development Policy from the University of Glamorgan will today give a lecture to the independent think tank Gorwel, at the National Assembly, where he will discuss the impact of regional economic policy.

He said, “The UK was amongst the first European countries to adopt an official regional policy as a means of reducing disparities in unemployment rates, with the 1934 Special Areas Act, and Wales was one of the first areas to utilise the resources made available, at that time being faced with declines in its major industries of coal and steel. 80 years on regional economic development policy is still in place in Wales to address issues of uneven employment, incomes and growth.”

Professor Pickernell will discuss the changes that have taken place, and the actors that determine both the policy itself and the implementation of it. David argues that this is of particular importance currently as economic conditions continue to impact unevenly across nations and regions. In addition, however, the resources available to tackle such regional inequalities are becoming increasingly squeezed.

The lecture will conclude with a number of recommendations including, “Making economic development policy a success in Wales requires, as well as a more holistic approach to policy, also a different relational approach within and between stakeholders.”

A version of the lecture can be found here

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