Citigroup Chief gives guest lecture

March 15, 2013

Stuart Popham, Vice-chairman EMEA Banking at Citigroup gave a guest lecture to students at the University of Glamorgan this week.

The lecture ‘Professions: fit for the future?’ explored the role of professions within financial and professional services in an increasingly digital, urban and global market. He compared the percentages of people worldwide who had a mobile phone compared to those who had a bank account.

Stuart Popham

He suggested that in the near future people would be able to apply for a credit card or bank loan on an ATM – and be issued with the credit card there and then! His lecture was focused on the need for future professions to take on board the changing nature of doing business – particularly in relation to the increased digital, urban and global market.

Stuart considered a number of key skills as being necessary for the professions of the future – skills that were over and above being a subject knowledge expert. These included the need for good communication skills – written and oral; offering value for money for the service; and providing balanced advice – being honest and realistic without worrying a client or over dramatising (or under dramatising) a situation.

Donna Whitehead, Head of Law, Accounting and Finance at Glamorgan said, “Listening to someone of Stuart’s calibre and experience speak is a fantastic opportunity for our students.”

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