University meets demand for graduates in the financial sector

March 5, 2013

At a time when students are increasingly concerned about whether or not to study in higher education, the University of Glamorgan is working with the Welsh Government and local businesses to meet the increasing demand for graduates in the financial sector.

The Centre for Financial and Professional Services was launched last year in May following discussions between the Welsh Government and the University of Glamorgan.

Shereen Akram

The centre has close connections with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), the world leading professional body for the financial services profession, and has built relationships with local financial businesses.

Because employers are seeking people with vocational, business-relevant experience, students on Foundation Degree courses are given work placements. Students on the Foundation Degree in Finance course are improving their employability skills and increasing their professional confidence by undertaking work placements in companies including Penguin Wealth, Santander, Nat West and Vale Independent Financial Advisers.

Craig Palfrey from Penguin Wealth has been a mentor to Shereen Akram, a student on the Foundation Degree Finance course:

“I think this is a great degree for the University to offer and is very topical with the recent announcements about financial education becoming part of the curriculum. We have been delighted to offer our services to the University and the students and will be happy to continue to do so. Financial Planning is becoming a profession, and firms like ours will continue to strive to raise its profile and supporting one of our local universities and our community is important to us as a business.”

Some of Shereen’s fellow students are at similar placements across South Wales: Chris McManus is working at a branch of Natwest while Rhys Jenkins is with Santander and Joe Nash is at Vale Independent Financial Advisers.

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