Students meet international explorer

March 5, 2013

World famous British explorer David Hempleman-Adams recently visited a group of high flying students at the University of Glamorgan.

David has done 29 major expeditions around the world and was the first person in history to reach the Geographic and Magnetic North and South Poles as well as climb the highest peaks in all seven continents, the Adventurers Grand Slam. He was also the first person to cross the Atlantic solo in an open wicker basket balloon.

Professor Andy Thompson with David Hempleman Adams

Speaking to the group of students on the ‘Future Leaders Programme’, David, who himself studied business studies at university, told the story of his many expeditions.

In 2010 he flew the smallest gas balloon across the Atlantic from St John’s New Foundland to Nolay in mid France on the Swiss French border, breaking five world records.

He said, “If I have one message for students it is not to be scared of failure. You should never let the fear of failing at something stop you from striving to achieve your ambitions. There have been many challenges in my own career, which on first attempt, I have failed to achieve. The key is in having the determination to succeed in the long run”.

Professor Andy Thompson who runs the Future Leaders Programme at the University said, “David’s career and his attitude to accomplish the challenges he sets himself is a great inspiration to our students. His visit to Glamorgan provided a unique opportunity the students to ask David questions and discover how he achieved such astonishing goals.”

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