Cornerstone for new education development laid in Merthyr Tydfil

March 22, 2012

Jeff Cuthbert Deputy Minister for Skills will lay the first cornerstone in the building of a new tertiary development in the centre of Merthyr Tydfil today, Thursday 22 March.

Artists impression of the new building in Merthyr Tydfil The new building, which will be known as, ‘The College @ Merthyr Tydfil’ is due to open in September 2013 and will be a hub for the provision of post-16 learning opportunities across Merthyr Tydfil County Borough and the Heads of the Valleys.

Deputy Minister Jeff Cuthbert at the event

John O’Shea Dean of Merthyr Tydfil College said, “The building will embrace 21st century technology and practices, providing first class teaching and learning opportunities that will inspire learners across Merthyr Tydfil and its surrounding communities to engage in further and higher education, update and improve their qualification levels and maximise their potential.”

Deputy Minister for Skills, Jeff Cuthbert, said, “I am delighted to see work start on this exciting development. This new building will provide an inspirational environment for people from all over Merthyr Tydfil and the Heads of the Valleys area to gain new qualifications and skills. The project is an excellent example of partnership working and the Welsh Government’s commitment to ensuring more people have access to higher education and developing new skills.”

The new college building will be significantly bigger than the existing building and will embrace cutting edge technology and teaching delivery. There will be new state-of- the- art IT facilities, sport and leisure facilities, new student facilities and an outdoor public area.

There will be facilities for community engagement, which will open up learning opportunities to people of all ages and ability in the community.

Merthyr Tydfil College is part of the University of Glamorgan Group following the UK’s first HE/FE merger in 2006.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University Huw Williams added, “Investment in teaching and facilities matters – it’s the way to unlock the potential of the community and they deserve no less than the best. That is why this ceremony to mark the beginning of the College’s future, is so important.

“The College will provide the best possible learning environment in which our local young people can broaden their horizons and maximise their potential. Working together in collaboration with the Welsh Government, the local authority, secondary schools and the community, is pivotal to the success of the project and the regeneration agenda for Merthyr Tydfil.”

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