Let’s Talk About Genes and I Don’t Mean Trousers

June 21, 2012

A group of 12 and 13 year old children from Stanwell School in Penarth this week celebrated the completion of a project run by the University of Glamorgan on the subject of cancer genetics – called Let’s Talk About Genes and I Don’t Mean Trousers.

Researchers from the Faculty of Health Sport and Science have been working with the children for the last few months to explore how feasible, and how acceptable, is it to discuss cancer and genetics with school children.

Using funds secured from an Innovation Grant from Tenovus, the Welsh cancer charity, the researchers explored the interaction between the genetic and the environmental influences on cancer with 20 Year 8 children using stories, games and creative activities.

The children worked with an animator and some musicians to produce a Rap that they hope will convey to other children their age what they should know about cancer, inheritance and the role that families play in health and disease.

Dr Rachel Iredale, Principal Investigator, said “Families share lots of things – their genes, their environment and often behaviours and attitudes – which can increase or decrease the risk of getting cancer. Kids need to be more aware of the role that family history can play in health and disease and need to be exposed to messages that are relevant to preventing cancer, such as healthy diet, lifestyle, and sun awareness”.

Check out the Rap on YouTube

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