The Dr Who Influence?

February 27, 2009

Researchers at the University of Glamorgan have been comissioned by the BBC Trust to examine the impact of landmark BBC Wales drama series on the way that Wales in general, and Cardiff and South Wales in particular, are represented.

The research will centre on a case-study of Dr Who and Torchwood and will focus on the ways in which these high-profile drama series represent Cardiff and South Wales and how they are interpreted and appreciated by different audiences (general viewers from different parts of Wales, for example, and professionals charged with promoting and branding the city/region).

The research is being conducted by Professor Steve Blandford, Professor Stephen Lacey, Dr Ruth McElroy and Dr Rebecca Williams and involves a survey of viewer attitudes, including face-to-face focus groups and online questionnaires. In addition to analysing the programmes themselves, the team also aim to interview key production personnel and professionals in the tourist industry and to draw parallels with representations in television drama of other cities, regions and nations.

The work began in January 2009 and a report is scheduled for September. It is hoped that the research will form the basis of a bid for research council funding for a larger project on television audiences in Wales and representations of national identity in television.

If you would like more information about the project, or are interested in participating in the audience survey, please contact Dr Rebecca Williams at: . If you would like to communicate in Welsh, please contact Dr Ruth McElroy at:

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