Inaugural Professorial Lecture: Light Fantastic

Event Date February 12, 2013 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Location – A13, Moot Court, (Ty Crawshay), Treforest Campus

Nigel Copner Professor Nigel Copner, from the Faculty of Advanced Technology, presents his Inaugural Professorial Lecture.

Light has been a key part of our lives over the centuries from the crude use of fire to illuminate to long distance communications at THz data rates enabling the worldwide web

This lecture attempts to capture the impacts that light has had on the scientific community and your lives in general. It will explain fundamentally what light is and its key properties that enable significant breakthroughs in the fields of communications, life-science/metrology and low carbon sectors.

Where possible the author will inject some of his team’s inventions/concepts and their established or potential impacts.

Reference will also be made to some of the current commercial challenges, their potential market size and the skills/teaching that will be necessary to establish and exploit Opto-innovations in the future.

Lecture details

Refreshments will be available in Ty Crawshay Cafe from 5.30pm and a hot buffet will be served here following the lecture.

To reserve your place please contact Jane MacCuish on ext 3345 or email


A13 The Moot Court
Treforest Campus
CF37 1DL

Directions to Treforest campus.

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